Thursday, 7 November 2019

The Owl & The Pussycat 2020

The Owl & The Pussycat 

11am WED 6 MAY 2020

tix on sale soon

You’re invited into a giant green boat to help our loveable couple cast off on a magical adventure.

This reimagining of Edward Lear’s beloved childhood poem is an enchanting, intimate and high quality musical experience. Inside a giant pea green boat and immersive landscape, this charming children’s work melds live performance, operatic vocals, chamber music, puppetry and experiential theatre. Created specifically for children 4-10 years, this interactive journey inspires, educates and enthrals by inviting children, alongside their families, carers and teachers, to participate in multi-sensory ways to help our loveable couple go on a magical adventure.

YOU are invited aboard Old Pea Green for a 45-minute performance, in an intimate setting created with floor-level staging and cushion/stool seating, designed to spark imaginative thought with strong tactile and aural stimulation. The cast consists of 3 singers, soprano, mezzo-soprano and baritone, and a Puffin troupe of cello, clarinet/bass clarinet and vibraphone/percussion.

This national collaboration of female creatives have created a landmark musical work for children brimming with engaging new music and a whimsical script that explores the universal themes of love, harmony and acceptance.

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