Hiring the World Theatre

When hiring the World Theatre, you are hiring state of the art facilities, staffing of the box office for a nominal booking fee, technical expertise of onsite staff, and many other on-site amenities.  

Call 07 4761 5430 for more details, available dates & quotes.
650 raked fixed seating performing arts theatre with raised proscenium stage, dressing rooms, green room, and basement rehearsal space with own dressing rooms, plus more. 

Ideal for large scale theatrical or musical performances, conferences, school presentations etc.  

· Theatrical lighting, sound and projection equipment with full size cinescreen 8x5m & Cyc 10mx6m.
· Yamaha C7 grand piano 440 concert tuned. 
· 3 x Timpani Drums. 
· 001 Aoyama Orpheus 47A Harp.
· Portable staging (1200mm x 2400mm + risers 300/600/900mm H) choir risers, platforms & catwalks on stage. 
· portable seating for stage & dressing rooms
· Stage Power: 3 phase 4 x standard 5 pin Nilsen MSO 520 switch plugs (2 x32 amp /2 x 28amp) + on catwalks. 6 x GPO 240v/15amp stage level.
· Stage to Ceiling Height : Pros arch 10500mm x 6000mm
· Stage Size: W 10500mm x D 11000mm set line to Cyc x H 6000mm + thrust 3500mm
· Fly System: 22 lines (14 captive) 400kg single purchase counterweight system
· LX bars: x 5 + 2 LX bridges with various theatrical fittings – LED, movers, parcams etc.
· Genie GR-20 lifter
· Curtains – front red, white scrim, mid stage black, rear white cyclorama, 3 pairs black wool legs
Cinema Screen size 10m wide by 7m High

Box Office ticketing (online, phone & face 2 face) included in hire package for nominal box office fee.

Bank Foyer
Multi use space with heritage features ideal for small gatherings, acoustic performances, display space, etc. Seats approx 35 on removable supplied seating.  Wheelchair access.  Includes piano.

Woodburn Stevens Room – Upstairs (Bank Building)
Ideal for small meetings, conferences, intimate festive occasions, small wedding reception/dinner, etc.  Includes heritage staircase, generous meeting room with large table with seating for 10+ , large balcony with tables & seating for 20.  Also separate bar service area and kitchenette.  Toilet facilities. NO Disabled Access.  Max 20 people. 

Foyer Gallery
Perfect for cocktail party, small gatherings, etc.  Enjoy the vaulted ceilings, changing art displays and drinks from Dungavells Bar.  Can be hired in conjunction with the Bank Foyer.

Two cinemas, capacity 150 & 125 respectively, can be hired to show movies provided by the hirer, or to screen titles by special arrangement, or used as conference rooms. Availability based on Movie Screening Schedule.  Refreshments can be purchased from The Candy Bar, or catering by arrangement.

Staff are on site at all times to assist with technical operations, security & safety.  One technical staff member is mandatory for all events.  Front of House staff will service box office, reservations, promotion & Candy Bar.  Friends of the Theatre Volunteers support with Ushering and operation of Dungavells Bar.  Management reserves the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason.  Cleaning and other charges may be incurred.

Terms of hire for the World Theatre

1. The audience must be seated throughout the performance, under no circumstances can people stand in the isles, failure to comply may result in the performance being stopped or cancelled as being in breach of Fire Regulations.

2. Children & Students must be supervised at all times; any found roaming the complex unsupervised will be removed.

3.  Dressing rooms and all backstage areas must be left clean and tidy; failure to do so will attract an additional cleaning fee.  No food permitted except in Green Room by arrangement.

4.  Food and drink of any kind (water excepted) are not allowed in the dressing rooms or backstage areas (unless otherwise organised), failure to comply will result in additional cleaning fees. 

5.  Use of Pyrotechnics, explosives, and naked flames are prohibited entirely, as is lifting of persons on fly bars, or riding counterweight cradles.

5a.  Streamers, glitter, confetti, and Christmas decorations are banned from the complex unless by special arrangement.

6.  Smoking is prohibited throughout the complex. Alcohol is only permitted in designated areas.

7.  Rehearsal entry through stage door only, not through the main doors of the complex. Backstage amenities only are to be used during rehearsals; main foyer area and toilets are out of bounds.

8.  Late comers for live performances will not be admitted until a suitable pause in the performance, or as instructed by Hirer/producer.

9.  Any electrical equipment, leads, tools etc brought into the venue must carry a current test tag by a licensed electrical contractor.  Only licensed electrical workers may perform electrical work.

10.  Any sets, costumes, props etc must be treated with fire retardant prior to bringing into the venue and a certificate provided to Venue staff.

11. Insurance:  Hirer/producer are required to arrange Public Liability cover and Workers Compensation or similar insurance for their performers and support staff, whether paid or volunteer, as venue management and Charters Towers Regional Council do not accept responsibility in the event of injury.  Once Hirer/producer state they are experienced in theatrical workings, and have provided reasonable demonstration of operating equipment, the onus of responsibility for safe working and injury to third parties is that of the Hirer/producer.  Qualified staff will be on site, and safety directions given by World Theatre Staff must be followed.

12. No attachment may be made to fly bars except by a qualified technician using approved theatrical clamps or ties eg scene cloths.  Once fly system is loaded, stage crew who have demonstrated competency may be permitted to operate fly system.

13. Nails, screws or other fixtures are not permitted to be placed in walls, fixtures, floors etc.  Unstable scenery or props should be secured in conventional theatrical manner or by sandbags.

14. Use of cameras, videos or audio recording equipment is prohibited, unless by special prior arrangement with management.

15.  Hirer/producer are required to present to Management for approval & branding copy of any advertisement, including print/electronic/mailout/posters, to ensure correct play dates, logos and venue information are used.

16.  Hirer/producer are free to sell merchandise, relating to their production eg CD’s, DVD’s, T-shirts, books, etc.  This may be done in the foyer - pre-show, during interval, or after show.  Hirer/producer not permitted to sell food or beverage in any form.

17. Any World Theatre property removed, whether accidentally or otherwise, will be charged to hirer/producer at full retail price of replacement.

18. Should the Hirer/producer use copyrighted or royalty protected performance rights required material, whether physical, intellectual, printed or spoken word, trade mark, logo or other vehicle which provides such protection, the Hirer/producer should ensure he has permission to do so, whether by grace or by payment of monies.  Theatre Management and/or Charters Towers Regional Council do not accept responsibility for any claim for infringement of the foregoing. It is the Hirer/producer’s responsibility to ensure any material used does in fact comply with Commonwealth and State Censorship Laws.

19. Refund of deposits paid will be considered on merit of each case. No booking is confirmed until 25% deposit has been paid. 

20. There exists a standard lighting plot and patch & standard audio patch and set up. Hirer/producer can change to suit own needs, but failure to re-instate standard patch may result in extra charges.

21. Any dispute between The World Theatre Management and Hirer will be referred to Charters Towers Regional Council for resolution.  The decision of Council will be binding to all concerned.

Charters Towers Regional Council is committed to assisting not-for-profit community organisations to deliver activities/programs of an artistic, cultural, recreational, sporting or other community related pursuit by providing grants in an equitable and accountable manner. Council has adopted a formal policy, the Community Grants Policy, and an application process to guide achievement of the objectives.

The Community Grants Policy provides a straight forward approach to how Council will assess applications and what determines applicant success.  click the link for criteria, closing dates and further information. 

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