Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hitchcocked by Sound & Fury - LIVE ON STAGE

Hitchcocked by Sound & Fury
Tickets Adult $29.50 Con /Ch/Group 10+ $25

[When] Thursday, April 3, 2014
[Time] 7:30pm until 9:00pm

Good Evening. Tonight's play is a 'Spine-Tickling' tale of comic suspense in S&F's signature Vaudeville-Nouveau style. Our suspicion is if you head North by Northwest to the World, you'll be spellbound by their notorious comedy! This psycho play ain't for the birds!
Los Angeles' Sound & Fury ("Testaclese & ye Sack of Rome", "Doc Faustus") return to Australia with their new parody play of Alfred Hitchcock's films. But the fun is in the silliness, word-play and interaction with the audience - one need not to have seen Hitch's films to enjoy it.

And now a word from our reviewers:
"WINNER! People's Choice Award"--Adelaide Fringe '08,'09,'11
"5 STARS! Naturally & effortlessly hysterical!"--Edinburgh Evening News
“5 STARS! A deliciously silly play, and Fringe highlight!” – Fest Magazine UK
"5 STARS! 60 minutes of jaw-aching hilarity!"--Winnipeg Free Press
Review : Edmonton Fringe Festival, Canada

"A zany comedic caper that parodies godfather of film Alfred Hitchcock, Hitchcocked delivers bad pun after silly joke, begging laughs from the audience in what can be summed up as pure Fringe fun. Though meandering, offering more shenanigan than storyline, the use of video is both effective and entertaining, and ... this vaudeville-nouveau trio keeps the energy high, the content light and the laughs coming." —Megan Dart 

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