Friday, 30 December 2016

STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE [M] see it now...

 2h 13min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Thursday, Dec 15      10:30AM; 6:30PM
Friday, Dec 16           12:30PM; 6:30PM
Saturday, Dec 17       1:30PM ; 8:30PM
Sunday, Dec 18         3:30PM
Wednesday, Dec 21   10:30AM ; 6:30PM
Thursday, Dec 22       6:30PM
Friday, Dec 23           10:30AM ; 8:30PM
Saturday, Dec 24        1:30PM
Monday, Dec 26         1:30PM BOXING DAY
Wednesday, Dec 28     8:40PM
Friday, Dec 30            7:00PM
Saturday, Dec 31       6:30PM
Sunday, Jan 1          3:50PM FINAL
Thursday, Dec 15     12:30PM; 8:30PM
Friday, Dec 16          10:30AM; 8:30PM
Saturday, Dec 17      6:30PM
Sunday, Dec 18        1:30PM
Wednesday, Dec 21  12:30PM; 8:30PM
Thursday, Dec 22     10:30AM ; 8:30PM
Friday, Dec 23          6:30PM
Saturday, Dec 24      6:30PM
Monday, Dec 26         3:45PM BOXING DAY
Wednesday, Dec 28    8:45PM
Thursday, Dec 29       7:00PM
Sunday, Jan 1            1:30PM
Wednesday, Jan 4       7:00PM FINAL

The Rebellion makes a risky move to steal the plans to the Death Star, setting up the epic saga to follow.

Director: Gareth Edwards
Writers: Chris Weitz (screenplay), Tony Gilroy (screenplay)
Stars: Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Ben Mendelsohn 

what to see on screen 29 Dec 2016 to 4 Jan 2017

ROGUE ONE : a star wars story [M] 2h 13min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi   2D + 3D

MOANA [PG] 1h 43min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy.    2D + 3D

SING [G] 1h 50min | Animation, Comedy, Drama  2D+3D



Monday, 26 December 2016

at the cinema 22 to 28 dec 2016

ROGUE ONE : a star wars story [M] 2h 13min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi   2D + 3D

NEWMOANA [PG] 1h 43min | Animation, Adventure, Comedythe latest Disney family movie…  2D + 3D

NEWSING [G] 1h 50min | Animation, Comedy, Drama 2D+3D


Cinema tickets:   $12 Adult; $10 Students (full time student ID) ; $8 Pensioner/Child aged 3+ to primary.  WEDNESDAY all tickets $8.  
3D glasses buy $2 or BYOEFTPOS available.   
CLOSED MON TUES. Open some PUBLIC HOLIDAYS – check the schedule.  
BOOK Tickets online anytime +$1

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Trolls (G) 1h 32min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

From the creators of Shrek comes the most smart, funny, irreverent animated comedy of the year, DreamWorks' Trolls. 

 Thursday, Dec 1                   7:10PM
  Saturday, Dec 3                  6:40PM
  Wednesday, Dec 7         10:30AM
  Thursday, Dec 8                 7:10PM
  Saturday, Dec 10                6:40PM
  Sunday, Dec 11                    1:40PM
  Wednesday, Dec 14           10:40AM

Thursday, Dec 15                  6:40PM

  Friday, Dec 16                     10:40AM
  Saturday, Dec 17                 6:40PM
  Sunday, Dec 18                   1:40PM
  Wednesday, Dec 21           6:40PM
  Thursday, Dec 22               10:40AM
  Friday, Dec 23                    6:40PM
  Saturday, Dec 24                1:40PM   FINAL

  Sunday, Dec 4                    1:40PM
  Wednesday, Dec 7             6:40PM
  Friday, Dec 9                      6:40PM
  Saturday, Dec 10                1:40PM
  Wednesday, Dec 14           6:40PM
  Thursday, Dec 15                10:40AM
  Friday, Dec 16                     6:40PM
  Saturday, Dec 17                 1:40PM
  Wednesday, Dec 21           10:40AM
  Thursday, Dec 22               6:40PM
  Friday, Dec 23                    10:40AM  FINAL

This holiday season, enter a colorful, wondrous world populated by hilariously unforgettable characters and discover the story of the overly optimistic Trolls, with a constant song on their lips, and the comically pessimistic Bergens, who are only happy when they have trolls in their stomach.

Featuring original music from Justin Timberlake, and soon-to-be classic mash-ups of songs from other popular artists, the film stars the voice talents of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Russell Brand, James Corden, Kunal Nayyar, Ron Funches, Icona Pop, Gwen Stefani, and many more.
DreamWorks' TROLLS is a fresh, broad comedy filled with music, heart and hair-raising adventures. In November of 2016, nothing can prepare you for our new Troll world. - Written by 20th Century Fox

Directors: Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn
Writers: Jonathan Aibel (screenplay), Glenn Berger (screenplay)
Stars: Anna Kendrick, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Timberlake

G Very mild impact: Very mild crude humour, some scenes may scare very young children