Monday, 14 July 2014

David Williamson's "Managing Carmen"

Football player. Brownlow medallist. Cross dresser.
Comedy. LIVE on stage

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Sports Manager Rohan Swift needs to uncover what is troubling his star player. Brent Lyall is at the top of his game and should be on top of the world: captain of the most powerful football club in Australia, he has two medals and a beautiful girlfriend on his arm; but something is holding him back from being the charismatic hero the public and his sponsors expect. Brent hides a secret obsession that will rock the nation.

Off the field, Brent has a penchant for designer dresses and prefers a pair of Manolo Blahniks to footy boots… plus his alter ego ‘Carmen’ is about to go public. With millions at stake from endorsement deals, ruthless Rohan will do anything to stop sleazy tabloid predator Max Upfield from exposing Brent’s private fetish to the fickle football-fanatic public.

Acclaimed Australian playwright and National Living Treasure David Williamson delivers another hilarious football story – this time, with a twist. In spectacular form, Managing Carmen takes a satirical look at the characters behind the nation’s favourite sport: greedy sports managers, champion footballers, bimbo girlfriends and notorious tabloid writers.

After nationwide tours of acclaimed Williamson plays The Club, Let the Sunshine and When Dad Married Fury, HIT Productions has assembled its award-winning creative team once again to bring you this new production of Managing Carmen.

"This is one of the funniest and most entertaining plays David has written in his illustrious career. To perform this play a few months after a federal election when acceptance of those different from the mainstream will inevitably be tested – and by some, ruthlessly exploited – is certainly appropriate and a further testament to Williamson's amazing ability to mirror and critique the contemporary mood of the nation."

Director: Denis Moore
Cast: Brandon Burke, Jamieson Caldwell, Hannah Norris, Trent Baker, Annie Last

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