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11:00AM   Wednesday Mar 4, 2015
LIVE on stage Mt Leyshon Auditorium.
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In the trenches at Gallipoli during World War 1, two soldiers fight not only the Turkish enemy, but also the military establishment which condemns them.

On the 25th of April 1915, the British landed Australian soldiers at Gallipoli as part of an offensive against the Turkish control of the Dardanelles.

Of the 1500 men who landed in the first wave, only 755 remained in active service at the end of that day.

Over the following nine months, more than 7,500 Australians lost their lives. The campaign was then aborted and victory was handed to the Turks. The landings at Gallipoli went on to become one of the most immortal events in Australian history.

The play is based on a remarkable script written by Clem Gorman nearly 40 years ago. Described by critics as “an extraordinary experience” and “a play that should become an Australian classic”.

Gallipoli - A Manual of Trench Warfare takes place in a sandbagged trench at Gallipoli, 1915 and puts a perspective on the Great War’s legend of heroism. The main character is Barry Moon, a country boy battling not only the enemy, but himself and the establishment.

Coming just fourteen years after the Federation of Australia, the Gallipoli campaign was one of the first international events that saw Australians taking part - as Australians.

The Anzac spirit also tends to capture the idea of an Australian and New Zealand "national character", with the Gallipoli Campaign often described as being the moment of ‘birth of the nationhood’ of both Australia and New Zealand.

Suitable for: Secondary Students 13 - 17 years - education pack available call 4787 4344

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