Saturday, 16 May 2015

Squaring the Wheel - a thingamabobbish theatre extravaganza [LIVE]

Performance starring Jens Altheimer  
11am  Wed 27 May 2015
Tickets $15 /Group 10+ $12 BUY NOW from Box Office Mon- Fri 10am-1.30pm AND Candy Bar whenever movies are showing AND online

Ideal for ALL ages 

Squaring the Wheel combines circus, clown, strange mechanisms and contraptions, puppetry, magic and music into an unusual, thingamabobbish theatre extravaganza.

A flying broom, 17 balls, 34 meters of bent steel, 483 welded points and 15 marching eggs are just the tip of the iceberg of unexpected, transformed wacky materials and objects.

Unpredictable, funny, touching, highly visual and occasionally out of control, it is a clever theatre adventure for the whole family in thinking outside of the box.

Topsy-turvy ways to look at things, teamed with imagination, transform a pile of junk into a resourceful repository of gadgets and circus props, into life and friendship supporting odds and ends... all done in an hilarious and ultimately very human way of complicating simple things.

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