Monday, 22 June 2015


 Entertainment Services has managed and operated the World Theatre since it opened in 1996, and approx. one year previously as consultants. Now, Charters Towers Regional Council have decided to operate the theatre from their own resource from July.

Ken Robbins, Controller of theatre operations for the company, is sad to be leaving this wonderful theatre after all this time, and, the effort to bring it to it’s present level of both service to the community, and the high respect that it is held in by both the cinema and performing arts industries.

Ken is lavish with praise for the staff that have physically run the theatre over the nearly twenty years. Phil Haskins, Theatre technician  has been responsible for the technical integrity of the operation since opening ,and Neville Russell who commenced as Assistant Manager on day one, later to become Manager only recently retired, but worked part time in the theatre until his passing last year, were fundamental in establishing the theatre in Charters Towers. Their passion for the theatre has extended to all staff over the years, right up to current staff under the site management of Karen Tenni. The first Manager, Jim Scott is still involved in theatres, and can be found at the Burdekin Delta Cinemas in Ayr. Ken is also high in praise for the many volunteers who formed and worked as Friends of The Theatre, without whom many live productions would not have been possible because of staffing costs.

The theatre was a project of Dalrymple Shire Council, whose Mayor, Peter Black was the driving force. Dalrymple Shire Council was part of the Queensland local government amalgamations, and with the Town Council became the Charters Towers Regional Council, who have been responsible for the theatre since amalgamation.

Ken has said, despite all the other venues the company is involved with, the World Theatre will always hold a special place for him.

At this time Ken is not aware of staffing for the ongoing operation, or explicit programming details. Entertainment Services will present it’s final cinema screening on Wednesday 24th June 2015.

Ken has met many people in the Towers over the years, quite a few who have become friends. His final thanks go to the people of Charters Towers who have supported the World Theatre, by the simple act of buying tickets, as he said, “no audience, no show, no theatre”.

From the current staff and management of the World Theatre – thank you for all of your support since 1996.
Goodbye and farewell.

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