Wednesday, 5 August 2015


MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION  [M]  Action, Adventure, Thriller
  Thursday, Jul 30         6:30PM;  8:50PM
  Friday, Jul 31               6:30PM; 8:50PM
  Saturday, Aug 1           1:30PM;  6:30PM;  8:50PM
  Sunday, Aug 2             1:30PM;  3:50PM
  Wednesday, Aug 5     10:15AM;  6:30PM;  8:50PM
  Thursday, Aug 6         8:35PM
  Friday, Aug 7               6:30PM
  Saturday, Aug 8          8:30PM
  Sunday, Aug 9             1:30PM
  Wednesday, Aug 12    8:30PM

  Thursday, Aug 13        8:20PM
  Friday, Aug 14             6:30PM
  Saturday, Aug 15         8:20PM

  Sunday, Aug 16            1:30PM
  Wednesday, Aug 19     6:30PM  FINAL
 Ethan and team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate - an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF.

Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Writers: Christopher McQuarrie (screenplay & story)
Stars: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg

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