Friday, 11 November 2016


11 NOV two shows 11AM + 7.30PM

Tickets Adult $25 |Stud $20 Conc Group 10+

THEATREiNQ’s adaptation of the much loved CJ Dennis Poems “The Moods of Ginger Mick”, PRIVATE GINGER MICK AT GALLIPOLI brings to life all the colourful characters of the original poems including the lovable rogue, Ginger. Written in an Australian vernacular long lost, this collection of CJ Dennis’ poems was famously carried in the pockets of the diggers on the battlefields of World War One.

The story follows Ginger from his beginnings, making a living as a rabbito (selling rabbits pelts) & falling in love with Rose, to answering the call to arms in the Great War and being shipped off to Turkey. PRIVATE GINGER MICK is a heart-warming story of mateship and a sense of national identity formed amongst battlefields on foreign shores.

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