Thursday, 29 March 2018


2h 20min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 

  Thursday, Mar 29             2D7:00PM  *new*
  Saturday, Mar 31            3D1:30PM; 2D6:30PM; 3D9:00PM
  Sunday, Apr 1                  2D1:30PM; 3D4:00PM
  Monday, Apr 2                3D1:30PM; 2D4:00PM
  Wednesday, Apr 4         2D10:30AM; 3D6:30PM;  9:00PM
  Thursday, Apr 5               2D7:00PM
  Friday, Apr 6                     3D10:30AM; 2D8:40PM
  Saturday, Apr 7               3D1:30PM;  2D6:30PM; 3D8:30PM
  Sunday, Apr 8                  3D3:40PM; 2D3:30PM
  Wednesday, Apr 11        2D8:30PM; 3D8:40PM   

Thursday, Apr 14              2D10:30AM;  3D7:00PM
  Friday, Apr 13                  3D10:30AM;  2D8:20PM
  Saturday, Apr 14             3D1:30PM; 2D8:20PM
  Sunday, Apr 15                3D1:30PM; 2D3:30PM
  Wednesday, Apr 18       2D10:30AM;  2D8:20PM  FINAL

When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune. Wade Watts finds the first clue and starts a race for the Egg.

Director: Steven Spielberg
Writers: Zak Penn (screenplay), Ernest Cline (screenplay)
Stars: Letitia Wright, Hannah John-Kamen, Mckenna Grace

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