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YAMATO the drummers of Japan ... 情熱 - Passion [LIVE] concert on stage

情熱 Jhonetsu : Passion

drummers of Japan 
[LIVE] concert on stage


Following their hugely successful tour in 2017, the Yamato Drummers are back in Australia by popular demand. Their acclaimed performances of Japanese Taiko drumming and music have captivated audiences of over 7 million people in 54 countries across the globe.

In a brand new show "Passion", the drummers challenge and push themselves to their absolute limits. Yamato will leave audiences exhilarated by this visually spectacular, high-energy and explosive show.

tix $45; Conc $40 Stud; Child $30 3-12yrs; Family 2A2C $125
or group 10+ $40 advance bookings via phone/box office

Yamato is a Japanese taiko drumming troupe that tours all over the world.  As some of you may know, YAMATO welcomed the 25th anniversary in 2018, celebrating the group’s tours and performances in around 54 different countries, with over 3,500 performances that (have) reached almost 8 million people.

Since the formation of the group in 1993, YAMATO's slogan has been "Let's go to wherever we are invited! Let's give energy to the world!" With these words in our hearts, we have traveled all over the world, giving over 200 performances a year, maintaining a relentless momentum that shows no signs of slowing down.

Our motivation for this latest endeavor is precisely our never-ending passion.

Picture a large Odaiko drum, weighing over 500 kg, standing tall as the centerpiece, surrounded by dozens of Taiko drums of various sizes and unique characters. Also imagine a giant trailer packed with lighting equipment, sound equipment, and more.

Dealing with transport and transfers during a tour is extremely hard work, with preparations for each performance requiring the physical strength and great energy of many people, from the early hours of the morning until late at night.

As I am sure you can imagine, YAMATO's performances require an unimaginable amount of energy, but even once our explosive two-hour performance at full power is over, all taiko drums and stage equipment still need to be packed and loaded into the trailer.

The members of YAMATO train extremely hard all year round, from morning to night. We develop strong muscles, build strength, and maintain our bodies in top condition, so that we are able to sustain the hard work that is required for the performances.

To accomplish this, it is important to have a strong will and great physical strength, but there is one other thing that is absolutely essential. That is passion. There is no doubt that it is our passion that keeps us going, preventing us from feeling discouraged along the way. That's right. We have only realized this now. What moves YAMATO forward is its passion. Passion encompasses the feelings behind the concepts of YAMATO's previous programs: spirit, body and heartbeat.

Passion mobilizes people.

YAMATO's passion can be seen unfolding on the stage.

The latest program by YAMATO is pure passion.

YAMATO believes that the most important element in the performances is the exchange of energy with the audience. YAMATO has been giving energy to the audiences through Taiko drumming performances. At the same time, YAMATO has also received a huge amount of energy back from the audiences as well.

Everything related to YAMATO, - the stage, the Taiko drums, every bit of our bodies - has been created from the energy of the audiences. This is why, in this new program, we wish to use our passion to give YAMATO's energy to our viewers. And if possible, we also hope to receive passion and energy back from our audiences in return.

YAMATO's performances will light the fire of the passion held within our bodies.

The energy of our audiences will then continue to fuel the flame of our passion.

YAMATO's performances aim to use the burning flame of our passion to help the world go round.

A passion that circles round and round the sun.

This is the image that YAMATO will have in mind as the tour around the world.

Our aim is to inspire our audiences through our new program (titled) "Passion."

And above all...

YAMATO is hoping to witness a collision between passions!

A collision between our own passion and our audiences’ passion!

So that our flame will flare up even higher!

Then a new form of energy will be born, and that energy will travel round and round the world.

Farther... closer...

Deeper... higher...

Smaller, bigger, more and more and more!

Passion inspires everyone!

Just say nothing—let’s simply continue to burn the flame of our passion!

YAMATO’s new program aims to create a magnificent explosion of great passion.

Masa Ogawa
- Artistic director and the founder of YAMATO the Drummers of Japan

'Pure energy meets spiritual high'
The Scotsman

'A genuinely theatrical experience delivered with balletic grace & infectious humour'
The Times

'They are exuberant performers, leaping from drum to drum. It’s energetic, noisy, varied and exhilarating.’
The Independent

'A delight. Elegant, gorgeous and a sheer joy.’
Metro London

'Simply Breathtaking'
Daily Telegraph

OPEN 1 hour before PERFORMANCE start time;
 FRI 10AM to 2PM;  FRI SAT 6PM to 9PM;  
SAT SUN 1pm- 6PM.  P 07 4761 5430 

Owned and operated by Charters Towers Regional Council
86 Mosman St Charters Towers Qld 4820 


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