Thursday, 16 June 2016

Live and Loopy - Linsey Pollak [LIVE] 10.30am 16 June

Live and Loopy - Linsey Pollak [LIVE] 
10.30am Thurs 16th Jun, 2016

Tickets $10 age 3+
ideal for all ages
school groups welcome

Linsey makes music by live looping instruments of his own making such as the saxillo, Mr Curly, Rubber Glove bagpipes and the carrot clarinet. Using these instruments as well as voice, a bubble wrap drum, jawharps and a balloon, he cunningly creates layers of music so you can enjoy the process of composition as well as the product of performance. 

Watch and listen as he uses electronic wizardry neatly combined with "do it yourself" ingenuity to create the rich mellow sound of a watering can clarinet quartet, or voice-generated rhythm tracks together with a dose of seventies style funk with "Mr Curly" (a contra-bass clarinet made from plastic garden hose). He even turns a carrot into a beautiful sounding clarinet as you watch.

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