Wednesday, 31 January 2018

2018 Community Workshops... express your interest!

When talented professional artists perform at The World Theatre, we may sometimes be able to program opportunities for community members to learn new skills from a professional in their field, or even participate in the performance.

Please express your interest as soon as you can, as these opportunities need to be organised well in advance to fit with travel plans and other tour arrangements, and booking will depend on community feedback.

2018 options:

  • Voice/Cabaret:  end June
  • Circus: June/July - TBC
  • Ballet: 14 July
  • Dance - Tap / Percussion: 11 Aug

WORKSHOP #1 Cabaret Workshop: Life is A Cabaret - This 3-hour workshop is designed to help singers discover their on-stage cabaret persona and interpret repertoire in a fresh way through exploration of story-telling, character, dialogue/links, set lists, songwriting/arranging.

WORKSHOP #2 Advanced Vocal Masterclass: The Art of Auditioning - This 2-hour workshop/masterclass will help demystify what can be a daunting process - the audition; professional and amateur theatre productions, vocal examinations, performances and entry into tertiary institutions.

WORKSHOP #3 Hitting the High Notes - Introduction to basic singing technique for the amateur singer .This 2-hour workshop explores the most mysterious instrument of all; the voice. Learn the fundamental elements of vocal technique through group exercises in an informative and practical, but relaxed group environment.

WORKSHOP #1 a beginners class with  Ballet’s Company Artists including a basic ballet technique
WORKSHOP #2 an intermediate/advanced ballet technique class (with or without a 15 minute Spanish Fan Dance lesson)
WORKSHOP #3 An Open Company Class for the public to watch. 

Melbourne City Ballet is able to offer
two small appearances within the ballet for young danceartists. Our program exists where young dancers can come take part in a workshop prior to the performance date and those deemed appropriate, may be offered small parts within the ballet itself.

WORKSHOP Tap / Percussion / Dance tailored to the participants for a range of ages and abilities.

Please express your interest as soon as you can by contacting The World Theatre
Ph (07) 4761 5430 or email 

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